Who we are and how we came up with the HoorayDay! idea
We are your local event organisers here in the Alpine Foreland!
Bavaria and especially the Alpine foreland has much to offer with its beautiful lakes, magical castles and famous mountains. With such a huge diversity of events, tourists and even sometimes locals have problems to find the right activities. On holiday you want to simply enjoy the time instead of being busy planning the activities. When searching the internet you can often feel bobarded with all the choices of activities/locations on offer.
That is why we have created HoorayDay! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best local events from different providers and offer them to our guests on one platform. But there is even more to it than that! With HoorayDay! you can also combine your favourite events and easily book and pay for the package online. According to the motto "the customer is king" our guests should enjoy their holiday to the full without having to worry.
What is important to us!
It is important to us that our guests are completely satisfied, can enjoy the wonderful bavarian landscape and take home incredible and exceptional experiences. Therefore we select our partners really thoroughly and try to find for you the most reliable partners with the most extraordinary program. Whenever possible we try to experience the activity ourselves before adding it to our platform.