Our service for local hotels and travel bureaus
Our event platform is especially designed for local hotels and therefore unique.
You can use our network especially designed for hotels to book tours and events for your guests. 

To book the services you don't need your own website. Our Hooray-Day! page can easily be integrated into your website and can even be adjusted to your corporate design.

Through our offer you can considerably extend the event portfolio for your guests with minimal effort. Your guests can easily choose and book the activities on our website and your internal organisational expenditure is reduced to a minimum. In addition, you have a quick and reliable overview of the date, time and location of events.

Of course, we can also offer you an "allround no-worry package". We provide you with our platform on your guest computer in your own corporate design. This way, your guests can easily choose and book events on their own.

I work at a travel bureau. Can I use the HoorayDay! network?
Yes you can use our network to book tours and events for your customers and receive an attractive commission. You don't need your own website to book the events. Please contact us before your first booking on info@hooray-day.com and we will activate your personal account.