Your HoorayDay! Advantages ?!?
You can easily find various local activities on one page.
Enter your availability and HoorayDay! shows you all available local activities at a glance.
You decide! Single events or combined event packages. HoorayDay! shows you which events can be combined and recommends further activities.
You can book and pay all your activities and events on one single platform! No more paying cash on site or separate paying at different providers.
Tired of searching the internet for different events and trying to plan a whole vacation program? No problem! With HoorayDay! you can select your events, easily combine them and share them with your family and friends via email, facebook or google+.
How HoorayDay! works!
 Step 1: Enter start and end date of your vacation. HoorayDay! shows you all available events for this time frame.
Step 2: Choose your favourite event. As soon as you add the event to your shopping cart, HoorayDay! checks and shows you which events can be combined with your already selected activity.
Step 3: You can also choose and book events or combined packages at different days. HoorayDay! verifies your choice and notifies you in case events overlap.
Step 4: You can easily book all events, even from different providers on one single platform.